Weekly Recap: February 19-25, 2018

Monday, February 19

Nothing to post today.

Tuesday, February 20

Thinking about those 17 people killed in the Valentine’s Day school shooting.

Wednesday, February 21

Some great discussion on the Tuesday night Get Messy Hangout about struggling with our faith and how it’s broken down and changed over the past year.

Thursday, February 22

I love the artist Jodie King’s work. She inspires me every day on Instagram. One of my favorite things she’s made recently is a painting called “Abundance”. Here’s a short video of her working on it. I just love the colors and the story of her working on it and the composition. I wanted to play with the same color palette so this is me experimenting with that.


This is the Get Messy Season of Kindness and so I am thinking about how our society is corporately unkind. I find so many of my personal, individual interactions are kind from day to day but when I think about how we behave in our corporate life, how we as a society make policies and live together then those individual kindnesses get lost. How groups relate to groups and how we treat those groups who are different than our group, that’s where things break down. So I’m exploring that in the final pages of my 9×12″ Dylusions journal that I’ve been working on since 2015.

Friday, February 23

I’m embracing what my handwriting actually looks like. I went and bought a set of speedball nibs and pen holders and am just making messy inky words. “More guns isn’t the answer.” is what this Jodie King homage page says.

Saturday, February 24

“What do reparations for this look like?” Edwin Hergesheimer & Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 slave population map. Hard stuff in my art journal today while on the Saturday #getmessyhangout.

Sunday, February 25

One of the perks of my new job at Get Messy is that I get to send postcards!