Misty Granade

mixed media art


Reflecting on a 22 year project

I’ve been working on the Advent devotional for my father-in-law’s church for a long time. Some reflections on this 22 year project.

for noah book

The bottom of my paper bin

Paper might just be my first love and my longest relationship. On little scraps of paper and loving the weird things you love.

four journals

Leave yourself a trail to follow

Fear of the blank page will lead to some interesting choices. I learned to leave myself a trail to follow to keep the fear at bay.

It’s been somekinda week

My week as an artist had a lot of twists and turns as I contemplated finished a project and how I should start a new one. Come along for the ride.


Do the work that is available now

In this post I riff on doing the work that you know how to do right now and remind all of us to keep showing up even when we aren’t sure.


Art AV Club: Louise Nevelson

In this Art AV Club we look at the words and works of Louise Nevelson and how her work encourages me to look for the sculptural in what I do.

2022 Art Practice Reading List

I discuss some insights from my art practice reading list. I also shamelessly plug some of my other series and explain how they tie in.

blue rainbow

What is your inner guide like?

My inner guide is a yellow-green firefly of unusual size. She reminds me of how I need to be. An essay on inner guides and their purpose.

Color bars and registration marks

Color bars and registration marks hold magical properties for me. I wax ever so slightly poetic about how I use them and enjoy them in this post.


Thoughts on my word of the year

Examining my word of the year as a grounding practice, a creative energizer, and a prayer over the past few years reminds me of why I do it.