Gluing things together has been an obsession of mine since I got my first bottle of Elmer’s glue. My work is about taking contrasting elements and combining them in beautiful and unexpected ways. To me, collage speaks to the patchwork nature of our lives. I pull memories, ideas, and dreams from my past and combine them with the places, people, and conversations I encounter in the here-and-now for my abstract work. It’s a perpetual cycle of incorporating and reworking my own personal materials.

I have a deep love of printed paper materials, and it doesn’t matter if those materials are old book pages, product packaging, or specialty artist papers. I enjoy using all of it in my collages. What challenges me is seeing if I can take paper, a universal, utilitarian item; add other media like paint, ink, or pencil to it; and turn it into something beautiful, meaningful, and powerful. My choice of materials may be broader and more sophisticated now, but the impulse to illustrate what’s on the inside of my head remains the same as when I was five.

I am a student of feminism and so I am interested in how my voice as a woman colors my work. Women have traditionally been excluded from making art and relegated to producing “crafts” by way of homemaking. I explore where the elements of art and craft meet in much of my work.

I invite you to take a look at the paper of your every day life and consider the possibilities of what can be. It’s what I enjoy most and hope to share it with you.