Misty Granade

mixed media art


How do I measure growth?

Measuring growth is less about hitting milestones and more about making sure I spend time on my art practice.

inspiration shelf

Curating my studio

Thinking about my studio space and how I use it. What stays and what goes? A thoughtful look at curating my studio space.


I don’t usually start work on a piece with a fixed destination in mind. I don’t know what a piece is going to look like when I start work.

“Slower” at Lowe Mill

It’s here! It’s time! Tomorrow my show “Slower” opens at Lowe Mill. I’m so excited to share it with you! I’ve spent the past year working on these pieces and…

Where do I find inspiration?

I answer a great question from a reader about where I find inspiration. I like trash and I’m not afraid to pick up sticks.

Setting constraints for my art

I talk about setting constraints for art making. How I’ve done it in the past and some easy ways to get started if you want to try it.

What’s in my travel art kit

A video and description of what I pack in my travel art kit. It all fits in a smallish bag that travels in the car like a dream.

I pledge allegiance to me

What’s bangin’ in 2023

It’s my yearly recap of my artistic practice for 2022. Plus a concrete list of what my art goals are for 2023.