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I don’t usually start work on a piece with a fixed destination in mind. I don’t know what a piece is going to look like when I start work.

What’s in my travel art kit

A video and description of what I pack in my travel art kit. It all fits in a smallish bag that travels in the car like a dream.

green leaves page

Blue Journal Flip Through

A flip through video of an art journal I worked in for the past year. I talk about process and lessons learned.

My Stay at Home Art Journal

The story of my Stay at Home art journal starts like a lot of my other journals. I bought it used so I could pull out the illustrations use them…

Art Reflection Questions

I was recently listening to the Art Juice Podcast and the episode was titled “Is your personality in your art?” It’s a great episode over all but at about the…

Why do I art journal?

A friend asked me this question on Facebook last week and I loved it so much I wanted to share it, and my response (which I’ve expanded with pics and…

journal stack

Birthday Week Inspirations

It’s my birthday week! Turing 48 has me feeling some big feels. Looking toward 50 is both daunting and liberating. Daunting because where the heck did the past 25 years…

It’s Monday. Again.

Need a little visual inspiration to get you going today? Here’s a selection of PINK things I’ve curated from my Instagram feed for you… View this post on Instagram Makin’…

Monday Inspo 2

Last week I posted some uplifting pieces of art and I got a lot of positive feedback so I decided to do it again. I always think I don’t do…

Rest Art Journal Spread

Working in my art journal today. I decided to take on this tweet from the Nap Ministry. Rest is a beautiful resistance. It disrupts the lie that we aren’t doing…