Misty Granade

mixed media art

Daily Work

A year of posts

I’ve been writing weekly on this blog now for more than a year. So here’s a little overview of my favorites from a year of posts.

What do I do with my journals?

“Are those all your journals? What do you do with them all? They just sit on the bookshelf?” What do I do with my finished journals?

Balancing Act

It’s a balancing act in my practice of learning to manage spontaneity and planning or knowing when to move faster or slower.

How do my pieces all connect?

Looking at my body of work I found a few themes that crop up over and over. How do all my pieces connect? Media, imagery, and techniques.

How do I measure growth?

Measuring growth is less about hitting milestones and more about making sure I spend time on my art practice.

inspiration shelf

Curating my studio

Thinking about my studio space and how I use it. What stays and what goes? A thoughtful look at curating my studio space.


I don’t usually start work on a piece with a fixed destination in mind. I don’t know what a piece is going to look like when I start work.