Misty Granade

mixed media art

Daily Work

Setting constraints for my art

I talk about setting constraints for art making. How I’ve done it in the past and some easy ways to get started if you want to try it.

What’s in my travel art kit

A video and description of what I pack in my travel art kit. It all fits in a smallish bag that travels in the car like a dream.

I pledge allegiance to me

What’s bangin’ in 2023

It’s my yearly recap of my artistic practice for 2022. Plus a concrete list of what my art goals are for 2023.

four journals

Leave yourself a trail to follow

Fear of the blank page will lead to some interesting choices. I learned to leave myself a trail to follow to keep the fear at bay.

It’s been somekinda week

My week as an artist had a lot of twists and turns as I contemplated finished a project and how I should start a new one. Come along for the ride.


Do the work that is available now

In this post I riff on doing the work that you know how to do right now and remind all of us to keep showing up even when we aren’t sure.

The big shifts

I’m right in the middle a 3-month art mentorship program and I wanted to write down the big shifts I’ve been making.