Weekly Recap: February 5-18, 2017: On Being Sick

Somehow I managed to go on a cruise with my friends, get the flu, and then lose a week. The cruise was amazing!

The flu not so much.

I spent multiple days where I had a very short loop of couch to soup to bed to I need more tissues. I napped on the couch and thought about going to the studio but then realized that I didn’t want to make anything because everything I made was crap and I hated all the art I’d ever made and also why bother because no one cares about the dumb stuff I glue together. Sick me is a brutal critic.

But I am feeling a bit more myself today! I’ve showered and put on mascara. I’ve tidied up the studio and sorted my email inboxes. I’m thinking of smearing some paint around just to see what happens.

Protip: Get a flu shot.