Weekly Recap: January 29-February 4, 2018

This week marks a very sharp departure in the way my world has been working. I started a part time job as the Community Cheerleader and Creative Team Manager for GetMessyArtJournal.com. I love this new thing I’m doing. But this first season, as I get up to speed and I’m getting a new team up to speed, my creative time has suffered. I’m hopeful that this will get better after these first few weeks.

Monday, January 29

This piece is nearly done! If you are interested in purchasing it, email me!

 Tuesday, January 30

Busy non-arting day.

Wednesday, January 31

This is what I wrote on Instagram about this picture:

Today I’m painting the edges of this painting but that’s not what’s interesting about this picture. This chair belonged to my husband’s grandmother and it is at least 80 years old. She was a genteel southern lady from Montgomery, AL who was a huge patron of the arts. Every time I sit in it to work I feel like she is with me urging me to make art. Every time I catch a glimpse of it while I’m moving around the studio, I feel her presence. I just needed to tell you about it today.


Thursday, February 1

Crochet at the dojo.

Friday, February 2

Getting ready to go on the Season of Kindness!!

Saturday, February 3 & Sunday, February 4

Rest days.