Weekly Recap: April 2-8, 2018

Monday, April 2

Trying to get back in the swing of things after that epic trip!!

Tuesday, April 3

Started the #the100DayProject today with #100DaysOfPinkAndYellow. This is Day 1/100: Present.

And did some spray painting in my new GIANT book.

Wednesday, April 4

2/100: Queen Guenever.

My first finished spread for Season of Play for Get Messy Art Journal.

Thursday, April 5

3/100: Ginkgo.

Friday, April 6

4/100: Day 4.

Saturday, April 7


I love Saturday Hangouts with Get Messy Peeps. We art, and laugh, and tell each other all the good stuff to buy to feed our art habits. This Saturday, I sorted a bunch of ephemera for my 100 Day Project. Trying to get a jump start on the week.

5/100: Butterfly.

Sunday, April 8

6/100: The Gap.

It was finally dry enough to go outside and spray paint so I worked on a couple of things outside.

This is my first week’s work for the 100 Day Project. I’m selling them through my instagram page so if you are interested, hop on over there because several of these are still available!