Weekly Recap: January 1-7, 2018

Monday, January 1

Starting off 2018 with a bang, I made prints of my face on my brand new 12×14″ gelli plate!

Tuesday, January 2

Busy day adding pets to our family! This is Shade, my daughter’s new rat.

Wednesday, January 3

Back working in my Season of Nature journal. Loving my new vinyl backgrounds.

Thursday, January 4

Busy week! So no post today!

Friday, January 5

I’m treating my Season of Nature journal like a prayer and liturgy book for the earth. I have both traditional liturgies in here as well as some nontraditional ones like these lyrics from U2.

Saturday, January 6

Another page in my Season of Nature book.

Sunday, January 7

Thinking about the cycle of rebirth today in my Nature book.

The journals I finished in 2017.