Weekly Recap: January 8-14, 2018

 Monday, January 8

Deep in the Season of Nature for Get Messy.

Tuesday, January 9

A late Christmas weaving gift for Lauren. I pulled the yarn from my yarn stash. I have a lot of muted colors and her palette tends to the bright and warm. I did the best with the yarn I had!!

I also pulled a ton of prints in the process of filming a thing for Get Messy.

Wednesday, January 10

Crocheting the most annoying shawl in the known universe. It is made up of all treble crochet and hatefulness. I hope it’s lovely when it’s done because I’ve lost brain cells over it.

Thursday, January 11

I pulled prints on Tuesday: the yellow moon bit. Then I used masking fluid for the stars on Wednesday and had to let that dry overnight. Then painted the black on Thursday and finished it up by removing the masking fluid and adding the white ink bits. It was a longer process than I’m used to.

Friday, January 12

Spent a good deal of time dying these pages blue with tissue paper today and then I had to wait overnight for them to dry before I could glue things down.

Saturday, January 13

Doing a Get Messy hangout today with a record number of folks. AND I managed to glue everything down!! My friend Debbie featured on my screen!!

Sunday, January 14

More gelli printing!!