2017 Goals

I’ve talked before about how this year got off to a bit of a slow start for me. But I did finally get to my goal making session! Yay! Go me! While my list is a bit shorter than usual, it’s still gonna be a jam-packed year. I have big commitments spaced out throughout the year so I’ll be able to switch it up pretty regularly.


Make cool stuff for the 2017 Get Messy Creative Team

Being on the creative team means I’ll be making projects and writing blog posts about those projects throughout the year. My first piece just came out this past week. I love this community so much. The encouragement I get from this group of artists is like none other. There is tons of fabulous content on the blog going back several years. If you are interested in purchasing a year’s subscription for Get Messy, please use this link. I get a portion of your fees which help make it possible for me to continue to offer content both on my blog and at Get Messy.


Work on pieces for  my Fall 2017 art show

Whew boy! This is where I’ve been deep in The Gap! I have 18 pieces planned out, the finished count is currently 0. I have pre-planned all the things that can be pre-planned. I have thought and thought. I have made lists and swatches. I got some excellent, constructive VERY useful feedback when I went to the collage workshop with Jean Hess at the beginning of February. I signed my contract last Friday. My show description and dates should be showing up on the Lowe Mill Exhibitions page any day now.

All that is left to do is the work.


Get back to blogging on a weekly basis

I’m hoping to start posting on Mondays and Thursdays again. Mondays will be my Weekly Recap of the previous week’s daily work and Thursday will be an essay or a video or something that I concoct. I’m hoping that I can start working ahead a little bit and get things scheduled out so I’m not seat-o’-my-pants trying to get something on the blog every Wednesday.




Work on ordering my days to get exercise, family time, and work

I desperately need to get some exercise. After I had gall bladder surgery last September, I recovered well but didn’t go back to even the minimal exercise I had been doing. I’ve got to find something that doesn’t take too long and that I don’t hate. Preferably in doors because nine months out of the year in Alabama going outside for exercise isn’t an option. Recommendations welcome.

I need to have work time during the day while my kids are at school and then when the bus comes in the afternoon, I can hang up my apron and be with them. I’ve had a hard time getting that balanced the past few weeks. When three o’clock rolls around I think, “I just need to do this one more thing.” and then suddenly it’s dinner time. Ugh.