Misty Granade

mixed media art


How do I measure growth?

Measuring growth is less about hitting milestones and more about making sure I spend time on my art practice.

Setting constraints for my art

I talk about setting constraints for art making. How I’ve done it in the past and some easy ways to get started if you want to try it.

I pledge allegiance to me

What’s bangin’ in 2023

It’s my yearly recap of my artistic practice for 2022. Plus a concrete list of what my art goals are for 2023.

Mind Mapping

I’ve been using mind mapping to help me brainstorm about projects and goals. Here’s a bit of a breakdown for how that works for me.

Art Reflection Questions

I was recently listening to the Art Juice Podcast and the episode was titled “Is your personality in your art?” It’s a great episode over all but at about the…

Be gentle with us 2021

This year was a hot mess. I know you are well aware but when I look back on my 2020 plans I made in 2019, I have to remind myself…

Well hello there, 2020

Another year zooming by me. I remember from being small my grandma talking about how fast the years go by as you get older. I feel that a whole lot…

I finished the 100 Day Project

I did it! I did it! I finished The 100 Day Project! It was amazing and I loved what I accomplished these past 100 days! I raised money for charity!…

How to stick with your 100 Day Project

If you are an Instagram dweller like I am, you’ve probably seen The 100 Day Project hashtag. It’s an Instagram-based project started by Elle Luna @elleluna and Lindsay Jean Thomson @lindsayjeanthomson….

My 2018 #The100DayProject

The app Instagram is it’s own universe. Because it’s visual in nature, there are challenges and projects galore specifically geared to artists and makers of all kinds. The #The100DayProject is…

2018 Goals

As I’ve begun to think about 2018, I’ve gotten incredibly excited! Last year at this time, I was contemplating a month of house renovations so I didn’t have time to…

2017 Goals Recap

Ahh, yes, the recap of the year that has past. It’s been one of the most amazing years for me artistically and professionally. I’m proud of the work I’ve done…