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Blue Journal Flip Through

A flip through video of an art journal I worked in for the past year. I talk about process and lessons learned.

I made this small journal in September 2020 for a class I was taking. I ended up not finishing the class. I was annoyed with the landscapes in it. I don’t know why other than I was trying to make literal landscapes and I’m terrible at literal. I transitioned to working on abstract color and composition studies in it and ended up with a finished book that I love!

This is the video flip through where I talk a bit about binding the book, some things I’ve learned from the processes in it, and a few things I look forward to expanding on.

I cut out approximately 893 times I say “Uuuummmmm” just for you. You’re welcome!

I have a bunch of journal flip throughs on my YouTube channel. If you’ve never taken a peek, go take a look!