Weekly Recap: March 5-11, 2018

This month I’ve been participating in March Meet the Maker on Instagram. So this week, I’ve had several days where those posts were what I finished for the day. I’ve also had several days of taking care of things outside the house this week so I’ve not had studio time like I normal do.

Monday, March 5

When I move an in progress piece to the kitchen wall to look at, I’m thinking about it being done. My kitchen has a ton of light so I can study it throughout the day from several distances and decide if it’s finished or not. Here’s Vortex Dreams getting the kitchen treatment.

Tuesday, March 6

I cleaned up my studio for a little photo tour!

Wednesday, March 7

Finished projects getting ready for packaging!

Thursday, March 8

Not much to report for today!

Friday, March 9

I made some gelli prints!

Saturday, March 10

I love my Get Messy Hangouts!

Sunday, March 11

Rest day!