Weekly Recap: November 6-12, 2017

Monday, November 6

Playing around in the evening. I never know what the colors look like.

Tuesday, November 7

Finished spread.

Wednesday, November 8

Just enjoying pushing paint around.

Thursday, November 9

I’ve started participating in @rukristin’s #thursday3 selfie challenge to get more comfortable with looking at my own face.

Working on a commission that’s kinda a secret right now. All will be revealed in a few weeks.

Friday, November 10

I don’t know what I did on Friday…worked on the commission and didn’t take a pic I guess.

Saturday, November 11

Get Messy Hangout with a SUPER blurry pic. I had no idea it was that bad!!

Sunday, November 12

Spent some quality time on Sunday with my crochet. And Leslie and Ben.