Weekly Recap: October 16-22, 2017

Monday, October 16

Working in Renée’s new art shed today. She’s on the left and I worked on the one on the right.

Tuesday, October 17

I painted for a while and hated it and then painted over it. So then I stopped because I was disgusted with the giant goof.

Wednesday, October 18

Added another layer of color and pulled some of it off and then started gluing things down. Now this is one of my favorite pages ever.

Thursday, October 19

I worked on a spread today but didn’t take a pic.

Friday, October 20

Working on my Wonder Woman Wrap and I’m close to the top so the rows are LOOOOONNNGG.

Saturday, October 21

Here’s the spread I started on  Thursday. Finished it today.

Sunday, October 22

Packing up my 10 months of work to take to Lowe Mill to hang on Monday. Show opens Wednesday.