Weekly Recap: June 5-11, 2017

Monday, June 5

This summer is all about the travel. I was out and about today.

Tuesday, June 6

Back home in the studio and excited to be in the Season of Color for Get Messy!

Wednesday, June 7

I loved this moody pic in my journal and didn’t want to cover over it much. I’ve been doing a really poor job managing my sleeping habits with my husband out of town so this seemed appropriate somehow.

Thursday, June 8

Got my Art Bento Box! Just enjoying the possibilities.

Friday, June 9

Made a page with my Art Bento Box supplies while on Kiala Givehand’s Artsy Meetup today!

Saturday, June 10

Loved being with my Get Messy community today on a hangout. Loving that big world-wide community.

Sunday, June 11

Visiting with visiting friends, dropping the kiddos off at Space Camp, prepping their rooms for new carpet on Monday. Too busy to art. Ugh!!