Weekly Recap: June 4-10, 2018

I’ve had so much fun with my 100 Day Project this week! I did some gelli printing of backgrounds and they’ve given me some new texture and direction to work with.

Monday, June 4

63/100: Deconstruction.

Get Messy Season of Story has started and I’m trying to focus on putting a bit more journaling on my pages.

Tuesday, June 5


64/100: A Lotus in the Darkness.

Wednesday, June 6

65/100: Pangu.

Thursday, June 7

66/100: Moonflower Rise.

Friday, June 8

67/100: Moonflower Sunset.

Saturday, June 9

68/100: 5 Pink Hexagons.

On the hangout today, I was thinking about how all of our stories overlap and weave together. Of course I didn’t write any of that down.

Sunday, June 10

69/100: Warmup.