My 2018 #The100DayProject

The app Instagram is it’s own universe. Because it’s visual in nature, there are challenges and projects galore specifically geared to artists and makers of all kinds. The #The100DayProject is one such event.

Some Backstory

Before last year, I was in my fourth year of doing 365 day projects so I wasn’t really interested in doing a 100 day project when I was already trying to keep up my bigger goal. (For the record, in 2016 I managed 364 days out of 366 so I quit after that knowing I’d never achieve that kind of record again.)

I lackadaisically participated in the 100 Day Project last year as I was getting ready for my show at Lowe Mill. I called it #100DaysofArtShowPrep and as you can see by looking at the entries from the hashtag, I only managed 16 days. I think I probably did a few more than that but I was hustling with working on the show and also it was summer so my kids were home and probably watching way too many YouTube videos of Minecarft walkthroughs so I’m thinking that I just didn’t log them all.

My 2018 Project

This year I wanted to really give it a go so I came up with #100DaysOfPinkAndYellow. My parameters are:

  • 5×7 inches
  • pink and yellow
  • sell them on Instagram
The initial ephemera sort for the project.

This might seem like a weird list. The combining of what seems like a relatively easy set of parameters for a 100 Day Project with 100 days of selling things. And in hindsight, it probably is but there was an idea in this haystack…

Last year when I was getting my show ready and I was pricing things, I had pieces for sale at $100 and then larger pieces for sale at $250. It occured to me that many people couldn’t pay those kinds of prices for my work but that they still might really like to have something I made. I had also recently bought a couple of pieces of small art on Instagram and I thought this might be a perfect time to have a sale with prices that were a bit more accessible to a larger audience.

Money for Charity

I also thought this might be a great way to raise a bit of money for a charity. The Shoals Diversity Center is an LGBT advocacy and youth services non-profit and I think their work is incredibly important in Alabama. Feel free to jump over there to their site and donate directly!

So I’m selling the pieces from my 100 Day Project for $15 plus shipping and handling. $5 from each sale is going to the Diversity Center. I’m hoping I sell ALL THE DAYS so that I have a straight up $500 to donate to them.

Pink Bug. Still available for sale!

Some Nitpicky Details

I wanted these pieces to be super professional looking so I, of course, went to Amazon to solve that problem. I bought these backboards and these clear envelopes to package the pieces. I ordered two different sets of envelopes from Amazon and neither of them had internal usable space large enough so I finally had to just physically get in my car and drive to Staples and get some of these. On the back of each piece I’ve listed the title, the day out of 100 that I did it on, the project hashtags, my signature, and the year. And each piece gets one of my cards dropped in the back.

My thoughts were whatever doesn’t sell for this event will be ready to sell at future events and all of this packaging make them easy to sell directly as well as keep them clean and flat.

Packaged pieces.

What I’ve Learned These First Two Weeks

  • I should have said shipping AND handling and then I could have taken my packing materials and rolled the cost of those into my sales. Live and Learn. I’m including that from here on out.
  • People are kind and generous. Several folks have donated above and beyond the $5. This makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. (You know who you are and you are made entirely of awesome.)
  • I really like pink and yellow. I started this project because they were colors I didn’t use often and I wanted to expand my range.
  • My word for the year is Hope. The way I wanted to be hopeful was to DO something to help make the world better. Making a donation to an organization that will help make my community better is kinda the perfect way to be hopeful.

Good News!

Hey! If after reading this post you wanna get in on the action, I have several pieces still available. Shoot me an email or an Instagram PM and I’ll let you know what I’ve got left! I’d love for you to have a piece I made and I’d also love to make a giant donation in your name.