2017 Goals Recap

Ahh, yes, the recap of the year that has past. It’s been one of the most amazing years for me artistically and professionally. I’m proud of the work I’ve done this year and thrilled at the opportunities that have come along.

Here’s the original post if you need a refresher.

I wanted to make cool stuff for the 2017 Get Messy Creative Team. Being on the creative team was a blast. I’ve loved being in this community and making things for the community to use and to participate by making things that the other team members contributed. I’ve love it so much, I’m gonna help manage the team in 2018.

I wanted to work on pieces for my fall 2017 art show. Not only did I do that, but I have closed the show and only have five pieces remaining from the show. I sold sixteen pieces of art from my show. I’m still in shock.

I wanted to get back to blogging on a weekly basis. I didn’t do so well with this one. Coming up with ideas to blog about weekly is hard work. Really hard work. I did well the first half of the year, before summer, and then stalled out as fall rolled around and I was deep into getting ready for the show. I feel like I’ve posted good stuff when I’ve had something to say. I know that isn’t very useful for building an audience but I dunno if that’s even a thing that I want. Who reads blogs any more anyway?

My last goal was about work life balance. I wanted to have time to work and also get some exercise and be with family. Why is it in these equations for me it’s the exercise that always comes in dead last? I struggled with this this year but am happy to say that I found a personal trainer in November. I like her very well and have sessions scheduled with her through February.

Additionally, I got to attend two excellent workshops this past year with amazing instructors.

While I haven’t crocheted as many projects as I have in years past, I did finish ten projects: four big shawls, three blankets, and three smaller projects.

It’s been a really fabulous year for me artistically and I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve had.