Journal Collaboration: Nature and Space

I was thrilled a few months ago when my friend Katie, from Punk Projects, asked me to do a journal collaboration/swap with her. We cooked up making a square accordion book so we could practice our book making skills and end up with something a little bit different.


Since we are complete nerds about this sort of thing, we each made a book, worked in it, then mailed it to the other. I worked on the book she made while she worked on the book I made. Then we swapped again, returning each book to her maker. At this swap both of the books were fairly full and it turned out Katie had them both so she snapped a few pics of them together before she returned the book she made to me. We each ended up with the book the other one made.

Through the process of making these, two themes emerged. The book I made that Katie gets to keep became a space journal. The journal she made that I’m keeping became a nature journal.

These are pages from the front side of my book.





Here’s the back side of my book with Katie’s book. (Her book is the blue cover one.)



I’m just so sorry you can’t hold either of them in your hands because they are so amazing.

As soon as we finished, I asked her what we were collaborating on next. 😉 Stay tuned to find out!!

If you want to see all of Katie’s book, head over to her post to see all the details.