I Got a Zine!

So some of my Get Messy Art Journal friends have a little side business making zines. They call themselves the Zine Squad. Julia, Vanessa, and Katie are the core team and then the special guest artist on my zine was Clare. I’ve been wanting a zine since I first found out about them around the first of the year. I very UN-subtly told Katie that I wanted to participate in both the making of and the getting of the zine process. (I participated in making one a few months back but it’s still under wraps because the recipient hasn’t gotten it yet! Shhhh!) But what a happy mail day it was on Friday when I opened my mail and got this beauty!



At the end of a long week of surgery recovery, this was in my mailbox. What a bright spot! I was over the moon and carried it around to look at and pet for about two hours.



Throughout the book they used my words. Stuff I’ve said and written. Quotes I’ve said I like. All of these things are in there. So it was tailor-made for me. The spread above has lines I wrote in the blog post Why I Make Things.



I love these pink ladies. So fun and energetic!



Love this river of creativity through the trees.



Can’t stop looking at the light laser beams coming out of the paint box!


There are many more pages in my zine and I encourage you to drop by the artist’s blogs and see the pages they made in my book. A few of them, I know for sure who made them but bunches of them I don’t know. I’m looking forward to the surprise of visiting their blogs and reading about what they contributed and their thought processes too.

Such an amazing and precious gift! Thanks, Zine Squad!