Weekly Recap: June 26-July 2, 2016

Big news!

I was a featured guest writer on Caylee Grey’s website last week! Go over there and gander at it! Happy Dance!!


June 26, 2016, Sunday, 178/366

2016-06-26 15.59.22

I cut three women’s silhouettes for the Global Women banquet. This one was my favorite.


June 27, 2016, Monday, 179/366

2016-06-27 20.52.51

Celebrating an Instagram milestone! 500 followers. I can’t stop grinning!


June 28, 2016, Tuesday, 180/366

2016-06-28 14.54.23

It’s all Katie Smith’s fault I’m art journaling in the first place. She’s how I found Get Messy after she interviewed me for Craft Gossip last summer. I got a fantastic happy mail from her today full of all sorts of fun ephemera that I immediately had to stick in my book. I’ve got all the grins again today!


June 29, 2016, Wednesday, 181/366

2016-06-29 17.00.44

It’s hot here. And I’m tired of being cooped up indoors. Thinking about some cool, clear water with this one. Revive.


June 30, 2016, Thursday, 182/366

2016-06-30 13.44.11

Is there anything in our world that our hands haven’t touched? We manage, prune, collect, separate, organize, catalog EVERYTHING. Even our skies are color calibrated. I’m wondering as I watch the video of the sea turtle swim up to a kayak to get a human to untangle the fish net from around its neck, if maybe, just possibly, we need to reign in some of that.


July 1, 2016, Friday, 183/366

2016-07-01 14.26.02

So in the Get Messy Facebook group, there’s always a chat going on about supplies or desk selfies or techniques. It’s one of the best parts of the community and today was a desk selfie day. One of the group, @holly.creates, posted a picture of a succulent she has on the window ledge by her work space. I played art director and had her work things around and then I printed the pic to use in my altered book. Too much silly fun today!


July 2, 2016, Saturday, 184/366

2016-07-02 15.16.45

I love having handmade postcards on hand to send when the occasion arises. I sent one this morning and realized I was critically low on stock so I collaged and painted a 18×24 inch sheet of mixed media paper and then cut it down to 18 4×6 inch cards. Those will keep me busy for a while!