Amoeba Bandwagon

“Amoeba Bandwagon” 30×40″ (Acrylic paint, found paper, & sewing patterns) Commissioned Piece: Not For Sale

This is a commissioned piece for the client’s guest room. She wanted something light and airy that complimented some existing features in the room. I’ve worked diligently to include the client in the design process by giving her 1-3 choices at several points during my work. This method is fairly new for me so I’m feeling my way. The client is a friend so it’s become a collaboration that I’m rather thrilled with.
The name came from a conversation I had about paisleys. Kim said paisleys are organic and sort of alive feeling but completely man made. I said they reminded me of amoebas but in the best possible way. Then Sharyn chimed in and said she was on the amoeba bandwagon as well. How could I call it anything but Amoeba Bandwagon? Although as the conversation morphed and changed *snerk*, additional suggested titles were: Amoeba in Spring, Spring Amoeba-ing, and A.Musing A.Moeba.