1:24 Series

“1:24 Series” Three 8x10s” (Acrylic paint, found paper, stencils, & sewing patterns) Sold.
These are 1.5″ gallery wrapped canvases with painted edges suitable for hanging as it is!
Because of my daughter’s love of insects, I find myself examining the world of bugs a little more closely. All the patterns, shapes, the beauty of tissue thin wings: perfect design for every job. I combined each of these insects with the structure of the sewing pattern and the honeycomb and the mandala to celebrate each one as an individual and then to ponder the collective whole.
Genesis 1: 24-25 says:

God spoke: “Earth, generate life! Every sort and kind:
        cattle and reptiles and wild animals—all kinds.”
    And there it was:
        wild animals of every kind,
    Cattle of all kinds, every sort of reptile and bug.
        God saw that it was good.