Let’s build something together in 2023

Moving into 2023 I want to gather some survey data about what others are interested in for the new year so we can build something together.

Hello to all of you as we launch headfirst into 2023!

Listen, I had big plans for a series about getting a fresh start on your art practice in 2023. But honestly? I’ve already written that series. If you need that sort of pep talk (and ZERO shade if you do, I need it at least twice a week), please go read my series called How to Create Your Art Practice. In the process of planning the new series, I realized how much I was going to repeat what I’d already created in that series of posts. So I just…stopped working on it.

I’m tired of churning. How about you?

What if we worked together to build something in 2023? New series, new blog posts, new creative ventures. Building something together. I have no idea what I want to build, and I’d love your help with it, so I put together a set of questions to see what’s on your mind.

What do you think?

I’ve made a short survey to collect your thoughts. I’m anxious to hear what you all are thinking about with the coming of the new year. I hope that, in gathering our thoughts, we can start building something new together. So please hop over to take the short survey. I would greatly appreciate it! If you leave me your name and address, I’ll send you a small thing sometime this year. This survey will close on January 10, 2023.

What I’m working on this month

First up on the docket is finishing the work I will be including in my show that opens in February. I took a lot of time off in December, so now I need to get it in gear. I’ve got many pieces to choose from, but I need to edit which pieces I’ll be showing and write some documentation for them.

As you’re reading this, I’m waiting to hear if any of several pieces I’ve submitted for a group show will be accepted. I can’t remember a time when a show description was a more perfect fit for my work. So cross your fingers with me that at least one of the pieces will be accepted. And if it works out, my work will be traveling to Virginia later this year.

“I have the capacity to try over and over. I can remake what I am given into what I need.”

After that

Once I get the show squared away, I’ll be looking at your answers to the survey and making decisions based on that information. I’ll let you know what will be coming of that hopefully in early February.

I find myself full of expectations about what this year will bring creatively. It feels like I am on the cusp of something good. I can’t tell if that’s just New Year vibes or something larger. I guess I’m open to the possibilities of what can happen this year, and that’s exciting: looking forward to what will come.

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