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My back catalog

Two links to personal essays from my time working at Get Messy Art Journal. A digital roundup to my personal experiences about art making.

I’ve been blogging for a long time, even before I started making art. Writing personal essays has been a way for me to explore my life, take stock, and share my personal experiences about art making.

Once upon a time, I worked at an online art community called Get Messy. While I was there did some writing there that I’m really proud of. Recently I realized that some of those essays are available to the public and I didn’t want you to miss them!

How I learned to stop worrying and call myself an artist

This essay is still one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever written. It’s the story of me practicing calling myself an artist.

Bridges have been burnt

The Power of Community

This essay is about how joining Get Messy supercharged my creative life. If you don’t have an art making community, Get Messy is a great place to start.

What it all means

I realize that there’s no good way to keep track of my digital writings, particularly when they are spread so far around. But here I am herding cats.