“Honey” 16×12″ (Acrylic paint, found paper, & stencils) Private Collection: Not for Sale
Based on Proverbs 16:24, Honey is a reminder that our words have power and that we can build or destroy with them.
Sometimes things come to me quickly, sometimes slowly. This was a fast one, developing over just a few days. The palette built itself with the exception of the pink paint, which I added with a great deal of reluctance. Once the pink was there though, I loved it because it added that bit of color pop.
2016-07-25 17.17.06
I love hexagons! And I love the way this cascade of hexagons turned out. Although the finished piece is slightly different than this picture because I had to remove them to glue them down.
2016-07-27 14.38.51
Shading the hexagons gave it some extra depth. I posted a video of shading the hexs on Instagram and one of the comments was “What a difference a seemingly small pencil line makes…” And I couldn’t agree more.