Women I’m Learning From

I’ve been thinking about my influences lately. I started in 2013 with a simple plan to make space for learning and growing as an artist. Along the way I’ve been lucky enough to find some fellow creatives who I really enjoy. Either by admiring them from the distance of my computer screen or having the opportunity to get to know a little bit better. I thought it would be fun to have a roundup post of these ladies whom I admire and where you can find them on the internet.

Bonny Baubles I love my friend Janelle’s artistic approach to quilting. She makes beautiful keepsakes out of people’s memories.

Crystal Moody & A Year of Creative Habits I love the Year of Creative Habits group and website. It’s a place for artists to congregate. Crystal has created a fun website to encourage people to get to work on their artistic projects and I appreciate her contributing to the artistic community in this way. I also admire Crystal’s art work and I’ll just go ahead and call her my favorite portrait painter.

Divyam Bernstein aka @divsy Divyam is a recent addition to women who I admire. I found her through the Get Messy Art Journal community just this year. I am really fascinated by her thoughtful take on making art. Her style is warm and inviting and playful. When I see her work, I am always left with a bit of yearning to know more of the story.

@gelfling1220 is a friend I met years ago making crocheted Doctor Who dolls on Twitter. She’s a cosplayer/costumer, cartoonist, and geeky New Yorker whose Instagram feed is a delight. I’ve had many Doctor Who conversations with her as well as many discussions on creativity and deep artist thoughts. While I’ve not met her in real life, I’m sure we’d have grand adventures if we could ever manage to be in the same state.

Caylee Gray, Lauren-Likes, & Get Messy Art Journal I have to talk about Caylee and Lauren in a set because they are the masterminds behind Get Messy. I love their entrepreneurial spirit, their generosity and openness, and I love the community they’ve created. I am so thankful that I’ve gotten a chance to be a part of it and learn and grow with some amazing artists.

iHanna Hanna is a crafting enabler of the best variety. Her blog is lovely and chock full of fun things to try and look at. I admire her for making space for creativity in her life in a gentle and nurturing way.

Jean Hess I took a workshop with Jean earlier this year and I cannot say enough good things about her and her teaching. I had a chance to get some very useful feedback from her during the class and it has been instrumental in the development of the work I’m doing now.

Jeanetta Darley aka @jeanettadarley Jeanetta and I went to college together and then lost touch for a bunch of years. We found each other just as we were both launching our art careers. We talk business, strategy, and process a lot. We work really hard to have twice monthly check ins on Facetime but sometimes life’s just to busy. We are the sounding board for the other for wacky business ideas and big dreams. I’m thankful that we found each other again!

The Jealous Curator Podcast I have loved, loved, loved hearing Danielle talk to all of the artists she’s talked to over the course of her podcast. The artists there by turns comfort me and challenge me. I always go away with a sense of joy in the work. That’s so valuable since I work alone.

Kiala Another fellow Get Messian, Kiala’s passion and joy is making books. I love getting to see what she cooks up!

Mary Crowell I met Mary through a friend and she and I hit it off immediately talking about creativity. She’s a musician and I’ve designed her last two album covers. We always have great conversations on all of the things that are true across our respective creative professions.

@npbradshaw I found Natalyn on Instagram and I love her use of color and poetry in her work.

Punk Projects aka @katiebug92 I met Katie through a craft website that was looking for artists to interview. I offered to be interviewed and she actually took me up on it! I started following her on Instagram after that interview and through her found Get Messy. She is also on the Get Messy Creative Team with me and is my go to partner for brainstorming all things Get Messy. Katie is adventurous with her making, a talented problem solver, and generous with her time.

Renee White I dunno, can you have an art soulmate? Renee is mine, I think. She’s willing to try anything. Willing to go big. Willing to figure out how to make the thing she wants to make. We are always up for making a mess together.

Starr Weems Mary Crowell introduced me to Starr when we worked on Mary’s album “Acolytes of the Machine.” Starr did the beautiful watercolor on the cover and I did the graphic design for the packaging. Starr’s work blows me away. Mary thought it’d be a great idea for the three of us to go to lunch and The Vague Coffee Wavers were born. I always get a chuckle out of the three of us together forming some sort of old school art cabal.

Vanessa aka @dansmoncrane I met V through Get Messy as well and she’s a fellow Creative Team member. I love how Vanessa leaves everything on the page.  Her style is confident, bold, and visceral. Her use of symbolism is amazing and she does excellent online classes.

Kim Werker I found Kim through crochet. She is an avid maker herself and calls herself a Camp Counsellor for Grownups. She is that as well as a funny, funny writer. I admire her for being a craft-enabler in the best possible way.

Tori Weyers aka @DrawRiot I found Tori through her subscription box called Art Bento Box. I was following both @artbentobox and @drawriot on Instagram and the day I figured out that they were the same person was like the best kind of Christmas gift! I love Art Bento Box and I love Tori’s work. Her use of color and line delight me and I admire the scope of all the work she does.

Thanks, ladies for putting your work out there and sharing your time, wisdom, and talents. I am glad to be in all of your orbits.