In Process

How’s your December to-do list? If it’s like mine it is bonkers straight on down to ridiculous. In addition to all of the usual holiday shenanigans, we also had a massive hot water tank leak three weeks ago so my laundry room, hall, and bedroom currently have no flooring in them. By the way, concrete is COLD in December, even in Alabama!! And we’ve decided on top of all of that, to look for a new house because what the heck, who needs to sleep.

As I was making a ton of calls this morning to contractors and realtors and service people and making more lists and more plans, I had a moment. Normally, this sort of arranging and planning and trying to make moving parts click into place makes me a bit of a stressed and frantic mess. This morning was different. I had the swooped out, massive overview moment and it was one of deep joy and gladness about the process of things.

After four years of making something every day, I feel like I know more about process. The waiting I have to do, the patience I have to practice, and the thoughtful pondering I allow myself as I wait for the glue to dry. All of these process things are beautiful in their own way and has build in me the ability to wait and hope for the best while still moving forward. I work a bit on this one thing and set it aside to dry and then then pick up another thing to work on. It’s multitasking at it’s best and most joyful.

2016-08-15 11.14.52

So in this moment I was able to superimpose my art process framework onto my regular life stuff that usually frustrates and knots me up. It was a good moment to say the least.

So whatever your list looks like for December I invite you to take a deep breath and imagine the beautiful process of things. Allow yourself a moment to look past the list of have-to-dos and think about it as a life-giving season that you are a special part of. Share it with me if you have a moment. I’d love to hear what you are in process with right now.

Grace and peace to you during this season, friends.