Sand and Sea and Sky Collection

Listening to the gentle swish of the surf. Feeling the breeze ruffle your hair. Sifting the sand between your toes. Nothing feels like standing on the edge of the sea. I’ve added a bit of magic to our favorite beach trips with hidden creatures, fanciful hide-a-ways, or impenetrable castles. See if you can spot the secret magic in each piece. Let the vastness of Sand and Sea and Sky give you a moment of respite in your busy life.

Collect two, three, or four to create your own unique version of the beach. Hold on to your best memories forever with a piece from the Sand and Sea and Sky Collection. Prices range from $20-$200. This collection of thirty small abstract works is available from November 18 until the end of 2019. Shop this collection on Etsy.

If you want to see individual pieces, check them out over in my Art Catalog.

A note on the numbering and naming of the pieces:
Example: 21 Sea and Sky 9
The first number is the number the piece is in the larger mosaic of the collection. They were laid out and painted and numbered one to thirty. Each piece is then named based on what is in it, Sand and Sea, Sea and Sky, Sand Sea and Sky, Sea, or Sky. Then they are numbered in order from that. So they are both numbered in series and numbered from the larger grouping.