Finishing The 100 Day Project 2019

I finished another 100 Day Project!

Yay for finishing a thing!

last one of the season

The reality is though that finishing this year was a bit of a slog. I never got into the spirit of this “mostly neutral” project that I picked. It showed in what I made and it showed in the responses I got. I wasn’t into it and it didn’t seem like others were into it either.

This low interest caused me to change up my color scheme quite a bit. I did try to keep some neutral colors in the mix but I wasn’t as successful with that either as I would have liked to have been. I added a hashtag called “IncreasinglyInaccuratelyNamed100DayProject“. It kept me entertained!

I was successful on several of my stated project goals:

  • I finished 100 5×7″ pieces.
  • Set up my Etsy shop and sold pieces there.
  • I also had an additional goal of creating pieces that I could make prints from and I ended up with 49 of the 100 being scannable. I was thinking 25 as a minimum so yay for 49!
  • From those 49, I was also able to set up greeting cards that I can have printed locally and sell in my Etsy shop.

I had a lot of excellent business related success from this project. I am choosing to focus on that.

Will I do the project next year?

Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe? It will depend on when my 2020 show is scheduled in the calendar year next year. If I’m hot and heavy preparing for that, I won’t take on the 100 day project. If the show is later in the year, I might consider it. If I do it next year, I may try to limit the scope and not be so concerned with selling things. Just do a small project for myself and see how it goes. Or maybe do some sort of collaboration project. I don’t know. I have plenty of time to decide before April 2020.