Van Gogh

You know that moment of time where sound falls away? Where you feel all of the energy in your body vibrate in harmony? And you take a deep breath and release it and for just a few seconds you feel like everything in the world is right and good? Have you ever had that experience with something?

That’s how I felt the few moments I stood in front of Van Gogh’s The Bedroom at The Art Institute of Chicago in the summer of 2002.

I had long admired the painting and on this already special trip to visit Stephen’s brother and his wife, going to AIC was the extra, special bonus for the weekend. My family didn’t know it was going to be a religious experience for me but I remember thinking sometime that morning that everything until I got to see it was just so much waiting.

I’ll admit there were a few tears. The kind of reverence some people reserve for Bono or Beyoncé, that was me and my time with this painting.

This painting soothes my soul. It speaks to me of comfort and sanctuary, of coming home and rest. The colors have that glow of late afternoon, fall sunlight that turns everything to gold. And when you see that big squishy bed, you know you can collapse there and snuggle in and exhale all the drama from the day.

The Art Institute is launching a new exhibit called “Van Gogh’s Bedroom” on Febuary 14, 2016 (be still my heart) and running until May 10, 2016. They will have all three copies of “The Bedroom” as well as other works exploring his thoughts on home and haven. There’s apparently an interactive component to the exhibit that includes a scale reproduction of The Bedroom that can be rented for $10 per night on AirBNB.

Anyway, I’m thinking road trip. I’m wondering if The Bedroom is still available? Anybody wanna come go with?