Who has a Pinterest account? Raise your hand.

What do you do with it?

Plan things? I’ve planned projects with a couple of friends. Baby showers. Church projects. Those kinds of things.

What else?

I started getting Stitch Fix not too long ago and one of the ways you can communicate with your stylist is via a pin board. So I dutifully set one up and started pinning all the ripped jeans, neutral-toned sweaters, and oversized leather purses I could find.

And of course, I have pins for art. Watercolor, encaustic, mixed media, paper, drawing, a ton of Get Messy seasons. I have ALL THE  ART PINS.

But what do you do with the pins?

Here’s where I confess. I’ve had a real love/hate relationship with Pinterest since I first started pinning. In the beginning, I was seduced by the convenience of having one spot to gather ideas and recipes and crochet patterns and yes, art related pins.

But then after obsessively pinning for a few weeks, a few things dawned on me.

I don’t click out to the pin’s link.

Maybe it’s a website where I can go see more of an artist’s work. Maybe it’s a recipe that has the full details. Maybe it’s an Etsy shop. I look at the pretty picture on Pinterest and that’s all that happens. Am I alone in this? Do ya’ll click out? I know things that I’ve gotten pinned for don’t result in any traffic for me either on Instagram or this website.

My pins are poorly organized and there’s nothing I can do about it at this point.

Maybe I’m being a bit of a Hermione Granger here but I have tons of pins in the wrong groups. Which means when I go to look for something, I can’t find it even when I know I saved it. It’s possible I could consolidate a couple of boards. This might help because I originally made the categories too narrow. I haven’t looked into how to consolidate boards so have no idea if this is an easy or hard fix.

I don’t like how images get used without permission.

Again, if you aren’t clicking on the pin’s link or the link is broken or buried so deep you can’t ever get to the bottom of the clicks, you are looking at an image divorced from it’s creator. So no one knows you or I made the thing. Not cool.

It’s a total time suck.

Here’s where I’m gonna go all in. If you are pinning things, you aren’t creating. Do I sometimes go look at a board and use a photo as a reference or starting point? Yes, but sitting on the couch browsing and pinning. I don’t do that any more. I’d much rather spend my time actually making things.

What if it’s not about your boards at all?

Katie at Punk Projects just spilled the beans on how she’s using Pinterest. She uses it as a search engine. She says she finds it to be better at generating image results than google. I’m game to try this hack.

I’m anxious to hear how you use Pinterest. What am I missing? How can I make this platform be more than a black hole?