Weekly Recap: January 15-21, 2018

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Weekly Recap: January 15-21, 2018

Monday, January 15 No pics today! All behind the scenes work!! Tuesday, January 16 Still working in my Season of Nature journal. Wednesday, January 17 I made a mini journal out of a piece of junk mail to celebrate the 2018 mini challenge for Get Messy. These are some of the pages. Thursday, January 18 […]

Weekly Recap: January 8-14, 2018

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Weekly Recap: January 8-14, 2018

 Monday, January 8 Deep in the Season of Nature for Get Messy. Tuesday, January 9 A late Christmas weaving gift for Lauren. I pulled the yarn from my yarn stash. I have a lot of muted colors and her palette tends to the bright and warm. I did the best with the yarn I had!! […]

Weekly Recap: January 1-7, 2018

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Weekly Recap: January 1-7, 2018

Monday, January 1 Starting off 2018 with a bang, I made prints of my face on my brand new 12×14″ gelli plate! Tuesday, January 2 Busy day adding pets to our family! This is Shade, my daughter’s new rat. Wednesday, January 3 Back working in my Season of Nature journal. Loving my new vinyl backgrounds. […]

Weekly Recap: December 25-31, 2017

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Monday, December 25 Finished this kinda accidentally epic shawl. It was supposed to take 4 skeins of yarn, it took 8 and I still left out 2 rows toward the end. Tuesday, December 26 Tiny journal and a new book! Wednesday, December 27 Lots of off days this week! Thursday, December 28 Reflecting on how […]

Weekly Recap: December 11-17, 2017

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Monday, December 11 Today I visited with a Get Messian from Australia. And announced that I’d be joining the Get Messy team. And I made some ink out of cabbage. It was kinda a big day. Tuesday, December 12 Music of the Universe prayer. Wednesday, December 13 These pages are thin so it takes lots of gesso. Thursday, December […]

Weekly Recap: December 4-10, 2017

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Monday, December 4 Working on hats today! Tuesday, December 5 Swirly paints today. Wednesday, December 6 You know it’s a good day when your table looks like this. Thursday, December 7 This is my weirdo book I made out of a resin sheet that Renee gave me. I have a video of the process in […]

Weekly Recap: November 27-December 3, 2017

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Monday, November 27 Serious recovery day from travel and beach time. Tuesday, November 28 A little road trip with my friends to see Ave Maria Grotto. We had a lovely day trip. Wednesday, November 29 Christmas postcards from Misty Granade on Vimeo. A short video of me making the base layer for Christmas postcards. I’ll […]

Weekly Recap: November 20-26, 2017

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Monday, November 20 Tiny journal with lotsa layers. Tuesday, November 21 My studio this week. My brother in law and sister in law gave me this fantastic book of postcards from Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara and I knew I’d never be able to part with this one so I made it into a flap in my book. […]

Weekly Recap: November 13-19, 2017

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Monday, November 13 So here’s where I admit I didn’t mean for this to look like a smashed mirror but that it totally does and it totally works with the quote. Tuesday, November 14 Crochet at the dojo. Wednesday, November 15 Love all of this black and gold and purple. Thursday, November 16 Processing some […]

Weekly Recap: November 6-12, 2017

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Monday, November 6 Playing around in the evening. I never know what the colors look like. Tuesday, November 7 Finished spread. Wednesday, November 8 Just enjoying pushing paint around. Thursday, November 9 I’ve started participating in @rukristin’s #thursday3 selfie challenge to get more comfortable with looking at my own face. Working on a commission that’s […]

Weekly Recap: October 30-November 5, 2017

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Monday, October 30 Seeing what kind of texture I could get out of putting rice on the gelli plate. Tuesday, October 31 Clean space!!! Wednesday, November 1 Cardelia came over to play on the gelli plate! Thursday, November 2 Seasons of Connections for Get Messy Friday, November 3 More Season of Connections Visited with art […]

Working in a Series

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Working in a Series

A few weeks ago I ran a giveaway on instagram. The giveaway entry fee was for people to tell me things they’d love to learn from me. I’ll admit it was a sneaky way for me to gather ideas to blog about. One of the things someone asked about was about working in series and […]

Hanging the Pieces of My Show

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Hanging the Pieces of My Show

Content Warning: This post deals with sexual assault. Skip it if you need to. On Monday, October 23, 2017, my mom and I rolled all 21 pieces of my show into Lowe Mill wrapped up in towels. It was overcast, and gusty, and misting slightly. I guess the weather was giving me well wishes to […]

Weekly Recap: October 16-22, 2017

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Monday, October 16 Working in Renée’s new art shed today. She’s on the left and I worked on the one on the right. Tuesday, October 17 I painted for a while and hated it and then painted over it. So then I stopped because I was disgusted with the giant goof. Wednesday, October 18 Added […]

Weekly Recap: October 9-15, 2017

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Weekly Recap: October 9-15, 2017

Monday, October 9 Working in my Season of Connections journal. Tuesday, October 10 I got new stencils which means breaking them in with spray paint! Wednesday, October 11 All those lines. All those connections. Thursday, October 12 Postcards! Friday, October 13 Connections has a hold on me this week. Thinking about a lot of different […]

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