“The Empress”

(acrylic, collage, wax pastels, graphite, & cotton thread)

16x20x1.5″ gallery wrapped canvas, $320

This piece is on display in Lowe Mill First Floor West Gallery from June 17-July 31, 2020. To purchase, contact Gallery Coordinator, Robert Daniel.

Women’s Work explores the theme of women’s traditional roles and how they choose to engage or not engage those roles. The women featured in these pieces and their stories are juxtaposed with crochet made by my maternal grandmother and my great grandmother, as well as new pieces I’ve made to further explore the line between traditional handicrafts and art. Read more about the creation of this show during a pandemic.

Read more about The Empress from the Tarot.

My proceeds from this show will go to benefit the arts program at the Women’s Prison Association.


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Usually crochet is what I do to relax but with the #womensworkcollection I’m making crochet pieces to be integrated into my art. It’s weird to be “required” to do my hobby and I feel like I’m playing hooky. Also, all I want to do is look at patterns for sweaters right now and watch #schittscreek since I just started and fell in love with it. So I want to play hooky from my working/craft time. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I know, I know, I have ridiculous problems. 💖 #crochet #crochetlover #crochetaddict #yarn #yarnaddict #yarnlover #crochetgirlgang #southernwomanartist #homestudiolife #studiolifestyle #creativewomen #artistsofalabama #womenartistsofinstagram #lifeofanartist #creators #createeveryday #mgcrochet

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How working on big projects goes for me: a memoir. 1. I obsess over an abstract idea 2. I spend MANY brain cycles on how I could best express my new pet abstract idea 3. I begin work and experience massive feelings of relief for finally getting to express the BIG IDEA with color and images 4. The euphoria carries me through a few weeks of work 5. I realize the process of producing enough work for a show is going to take a REALLY LONG TIME 6. I start wondering if people will get the BIG BRAIN connections I’ve made or if those aren’t actually connections at all 7. I HATE IT ALL WHY AM I DOING THIS NO ONE CARES (this stage is also usually accompanied with too many comparisons to all the miraculous art I see on Instagram) 8. I take a full day off and don’t think about the project or the deadlines at all (I have to make sure I don’t let this step turn into wallowing) 9. I spend a few more hours doing some fine tuning and detail work and realize things are maybe farther along than I thought they were 10. I repeat necessary steps until I hang the work on the gallery walls

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